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What Comes Around London Loves !

Well I’ve started the big transformation but like all these things I think it’s going to take slightly longer than I imagined. Walter and Doris are still waiting for their final coat of paint, while I try and work out how to incorporate my Grandfathers medals from the 2nd world war into the project!

Will keep you posted. In the meantime here are some blogs that What Comes Around London loves this week…

Loving Lou Rota’s unique and witty designs, especially the bug plates.

Happiness is… I love Shannon Eileen’s concept for her blog; all the things which make her smile. Definitely puts a smile on my face too.

Love Hilda Grahnat’s photo’s “thrifted recently” all the amazing things she has found at flea markets!

Barnaby Barford’s antique porcelain figurines with a twist are fab and just love them

Design sponge is diverse, and I love the fact it’s so interactive with the diy projects!