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Wilbur and Doris have entered the room!

After a lot of blood, sweet and tears, I’m pleased to say Wilbur and Doris are now complete.
Just to refresh your memory’s; having bought two chairs from a car boot sale with WD (war department) branded on them and the date 1954, my new project began.
Time, stamps, numbers, medals, roman numerals male and female, husband and wife, these have all been inspiration to me in this re-creation.
I distressed the chairs representing age and striping back time. Between each coat of paint I drew with candle wax on the chairs rough shapes of clock faces, the hands of a clock and roman numerals. As I carried out this process the chairs really started to form their own personalities, (although still very much united!) One was definitely male and the other female giving them their names Wilbur and Doris!
Without intention the colours define them as male and female. Wilbur is rough around the edges, and has more prominent markings of my Grandfather’s medals, which I have stamped on.
Doris is softer and much more ladylike! The numbers again represent time and if you look closely on the top where the back rests are, you will see ½, together they are a whole…. Husband and Wife!
So now they are ready to hit the shop floor and my old school desk is next in line!

href=”https://whatcomesaroundlondon.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/abs-jasmine-furniture-14.jpg”&gt;<a href=”https://whatcomesaroundlondon.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/abs-jasmine-furniture-16.jpg”&gt;<a href=”https://whatcomesaroundlondon.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/abs-jasmine-furniture-20.jpg”&gt;<a href=”https://whatcomesaroundlondon.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/abs-jasmine-furniture-24.jpg”&gt;

The hunt for all things 1950’s!

This week was the big move back to London town, a last scavenge in Dorking’s finest charity shops certainly paid off and I managed to pick up a few gems.

Still working with the 50’s theme I was lucky enough to arrive just as a lady (who happened to be a friend from schools mum!) was donating some of her father’s belongings. I left with a diary he had written in 1957, a plate of notable events dated 1959 and a metal etching/stamp, which is an areal view of an old manor house, ooh and not forgetting the brother typewriter!

So all these goody’s along with my grandfathers medals from the war, which I have now figured out how to translate into my work will all play a part in the reinvention of Walter and Doris!

What Comes Around London Loves !

Well I’ve started the big transformation but like all these things I think it’s going to take slightly longer than I imagined. Walter and Doris are still waiting for their final coat of paint, while I try and work out how to incorporate my Grandfathers medals from the 2nd world war into the project!

Will keep you posted. In the meantime here are some blogs that What Comes Around London loves this week…

Loving Lou Rota’s unique and witty designs, especially the bug plates.

Happiness is… I love Shannon Eileen’s concept for her blog; all the things which make her smile. Definitely puts a smile on my face too.

Love Hilda Grahnat’s photo’s “thrifted recently” all the amazing things she has found at flea markets!

Barnaby Barford’s antique porcelain figurines with a twist are fab and just love them

Design sponge is diverse, and I love the fact it’s so interactive with the diy projects!


The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Polka Dot Bikinis, Rock and Roll, Julian, Dick, Anne, George and of course, not forgetting, Timmy the Dog!

Well, this is the feel of my first project Britain in the 50’s… Very exciting!

I’ve been staying with my lovely family for the last month. Hunting around Surrey’s finest car boot sales! Here I picked up two vintage fold up chairs branded with the royal crown and the stamp of the war department, dated 1954!

So these two chairs and my old desk from primary school (which was old back then!) along with original ink wells and doodles (I made with a compass!) form the first set of furniture. With this optimistic post war 1950’s era, I hope to inject some new life into them.

Watch this space…