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Come Rain or Shine…

Us Brits love talking about the weather, it’s the perfect way to break the ice and the perfect way to start this new bog post!

What is going…Snow in April!

So a couple of weeks ago, I dragged myself out in the sub zero temperatures and made a trip with the lovely Rebecca Russell Turner to Kempton Race course for the Sunbury Antique market which takes place there every second Tuesday of the month. There is always a vast range of antique goods on offer including anything from furniture to vintage clothing cameras to ceramics and is the perfect place for collectors, traders, prop buyers and interior designers to have a good rummage! I picked up a beautiful 1940’s Three Tier waterfall chandelier, which is now hanging in pride of place in my flat. (That one’s definitely not for sale!)

Last week I took my boyfriend Thomas down to Hasting to visit some friends and show him the delights of a British seaside town (He is from Champagne in the North of France!) apart from it snowing and raining pretty much the whole time we were there, he still got to see the sea and sample some of the best fish, chips and mushy peas!

I also enlisted the help of my very kind Mum in finding some gems in the town famous for its connection with the Norman Conquest of England and the Great battle of Hasting in 1066! Pics below and all of which will feature on Etsy soon!

So finally the long wait for me was over and yesterday I picked up a copy of Country Homes and Interiors to see Evelyn (one of my suitcase cupboards) on page 81 looking very chic! It said, “An upended vintage suitcase is the perfect showcase for scent bottles and costume jewellery and can be locked when necessary” Very exciting!

I also got an exciting email from Etsy asking me to be part of their first UK wedding showroom in London. So I packed up Evelyn (again) Darcy and Rose and took them to Etsy’s head office in Shoreditch yesterday.  At the event will be journalists and bloggers selecting products for their magazines and blogs…fingers crossed my suitcase cupboards will make an impression!

Until next time keep warm and here’s hoping to a long summer…we definitely deserve it!


My lovely new Three Tier Waterfall Chandelier…


Evelyn featured in Country Homes and Interiors.


Hastings Gems…


Gorgeous botanical Rose print in a gold frame.




The Vicar of Wakefield, Amazing book dating back to 1891


Etched Vintage crystal glasses.


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