upcycling furniture

Strike a pose…

Wow, I can’t believe summer is almost over and I haven’t written a new post since June! Well here we go and hopefully we can count on an Indian summer… come on September and October, pull through for us!

I can now attach the label “as seen in Vogue” to ‘What comes around London’ (always been a dream of mine!) My Suitcase cupboards are in Septembers issue in their Maison Chic feature. Well if you are going to be in any mag surely it should be vogue…!

I’ve done another photo shoot of my suitcases this week and this has given me the idea for my latest project ‘Legs Eleven’ which is to cover just the legs of tables and chairs with fabric.
Having used different vintage fabrics to line the inside and shelves of my suitcases I have decided to following on with the theme of using fabric as a material to decorate and upcycle my furniture. I think aesthetically it will work well and it’s different; usually we see the material on top of the table used as a tablecloth! Watch this space…

I’ve just returned from another amazing trip to New York, Love it! Brooklyn especially Williamsburg is my favourite area and full of such creative energy from the amazing street art to the fab boutique shops and of cause not forgetting the great Brooklyn flea set on the East river waterfront with the most unbelievable skyline view.

Given me plenty of food for thought and definitely left me wanting more, until next time…

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