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A little too much information….!

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, My Space, Zoopla, Friends Reunited and the list goes on and on…
These days we almost know things before they even happen!
Never has the world been so connected (what did we do in the days before the internet!) With instant blogging sites such as Twitter information can be given to us as it happens before any newspaper goes to press.
We can build businesses and make contacts, share information and form relationships all at the click of a button.
Competition has never been so fierce and the world has never been so accessible. That now common phrase “google it” and the answer to any question can be answered instantly.
However, I think I somehow got stuck in the wrong era and the aesthetics of an old typewriter are much more appealing to me than any ipad! I feel like boundaries have become blurred and anonymity has been erased. Never have we been so inquisitive or craved so much attention.
Apps such as Tweetdeck allow you to read what someone had for dinner on Facebook along side how many people have died in the Middle East!
With the introduction of smart phones the internet has become an integral part of our lives of which we are eternally connected to.
Nevertheless, I fear it’s a case of sink or swim and embrace it I must!
With that in mind I would like to propose a social experiment to see how far we can push the snowball effect of Twitter.
So this experiment is me trying to get in touch purely by re-tweets to someone on the other side of the world. I have found James Kingsley (@jameskingsley) who fits the bill perfectly. He is in London Canada and I’m in London UK. I’ve been in touch with him and he is happy to take part, so find me on Twitter (@wcalondon) and let the retweeting begin….!

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