upcycling furniture

What comes around London Props

Prop; “an object used on stage by actors to further the plot or story line of a theatrical production.” This is what it’s all about… Props!
Looking around my flat every surface full of unusual collectables I’ve accumulated over the past couple of years (a far cry from my minimalistic ideals!) firstly I realised I was very much drawn to 50’s and secondly I recognised an opportunity to create “What comes around London Props”
I’ve always found the atmosphere of the stage to be such a magical experience and with both my parents working in the theatre in the early 70’s surely it figures I should follow in their footsteps!I would love nothing more than seeing my much loved handpicked artefacts involved in a stage production! 
With 12 days till Christmas there are lots of Christmas fete’s, bazaars and fairs popping up. Some of my favourites are; The Homeworks Christmas Craft Market, design makers taking part showing everything from clothes, scarves, jewellery and accessories to ceramics, prints, kids stuff, vintage clothes and homewares. North London vintage market, eclectic mix of vintage goodies – from clothing and jewellery to retro furniture and mid-century collectables. Lastly Hackney homemade, Local traders selling a variety of homemade and vintage goods… And if you can’t be bothered to leave the comfort of your own home there are lots of fab things on etsy!
As I always say “What comes around…”
Below are a few things that start my unusual collection of props…

Vintage shoemakers tool

Vintage hot water bottle

1950’s London Soda stream (all ready featured on stage!)

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