upcycling furniture

From Old town, Hastings to Brooklyn, New York…

With two weeks off for Easter, I had only one thing on my mind…. Flea markets!
My journey started in Dorking where I raided my Dad’s garage and with a Dad as interested in furniture and vintage collectables as mine, his garage is a very exciting place! I left with a vintage 2 gallon Esso petrol can in British racing green from the 1930’s and a summers “Bat” 1950’s paraffin railway/road lantern originally used as a warning light!
My next port of call was Hasting, where my dear friend Elly and her daughter Molly took me to the old town, the perfect place for a junk shop junkie as myself! I picked up an “atomic” magazine rack dating from the 1960’s in black metal with 4 bright red plastic ball feet. After that it was fish and chips on the beach, what trip to a seaside town would be complete without!
Finally to New York to see my lovely sis, definitely one of my favorite places and Brooklyn flea market didn’t disappoint, set on the waterfront with a backdrop of the city including the Empire State and the Chrysler Building I was in heaven! Due to an already heavy suitcase (not from shopping, I might add!) I had to think practically and found a tin bowl and tray that have been hand painted and fitted perfectly into my luggage!
So below are some pics of my latest finds and of course they are all for sale on Etsy.

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