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The Flying Saucer…

Well, this week has really been all about the exhibition (but of course I found time to go to one of the biggest flea markets in the country!) and after a few teething problems, 3 rolls of gaffer tape, 6 tubes of super glue and 5 rolls of double sided sellotape the pictures are finally hanging! We are having a private view next Friday the 15th of April and everyone is welcome, so get your glad rags on and hopefully I will see you at Cinnamon Village, 162 Blackstock Road, N5 1HA. Starts 6.30pm and the nearest tubes are Arsenal and Finsbury Park, if you’re not a fan of the tube the 4, 19 and 236 all stop outside.
Anyway, back to the furniture, I was in my element at the flea market which had over 700 stalls with people selling a wide variety of Furniture, Silverware, Jewellery, Ceramics, Kitchenallia, Vintage Fashion, Garden ephemera, Clocks, Paintings, Cameras and Books. Of course I picked up a few gems, which are below and also in my Etsy shop! What Comes Around Ldn
The first is a Sofono vintage “Flying Saucer” electric heater, which I absolutely love. It is so unusual nowadays but in the 50’s they were a common appliance. I think it looks almost like an art sculpture! I also bought a metal trunk which predates the war, with original paper labels albeit illegible! It also has a stamp on the inside of the lid with the date 1939 and the name C. Eastgate & sons, Birmingham, which I looked up and found out they were famous for their railway lanterns and military lamps during world war ll. Lastly a Retro dove blue, formica double drop leaf table which I don’t think will ever go out of fashion!
So will all these new finds my flat (and my Dad’s garage) are bursting at the seams, just can’t help myself!

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  1. Oh deary me! I am so coming to the next one of these with you Jas. Looks awesome sauce.xx

    April 10, 2011 at 06:39

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