upcycling furniture

Wilbur and Doris have entered the room!

After a lot of blood, sweet and tears, I’m pleased to say Wilbur and Doris are now complete.
Just to refresh your memory’s; having bought two chairs from a car boot sale with WD (war department) branded on them and the date 1954, my new project began.
Time, stamps, numbers, medals, roman numerals male and female, husband and wife, these have all been inspiration to me in this re-creation.
I distressed the chairs representing age and striping back time. Between each coat of paint I drew with candle wax on the chairs rough shapes of clock faces, the hands of a clock and roman numerals. As I carried out this process the chairs really started to form their own personalities, (although still very much united!) One was definitely male and the other female giving them their names Wilbur and Doris!
Without intention the colours define them as male and female. Wilbur is rough around the edges, and has more prominent markings of my Grandfather’s medals, which I have stamped on.
Doris is softer and much more ladylike! The numbers again represent time and if you look closely on the top where the back rests are, you will see ½, together they are a whole…. Husband and Wife!
So now they are ready to hit the shop floor and my old school desk is next in line!

href=”https://whatcomesaroundlondon.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/abs-jasmine-furniture-14.jpg”&gt;<a href=”https://whatcomesaroundlondon.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/abs-jasmine-furniture-16.jpg”&gt;<a href=”https://whatcomesaroundlondon.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/abs-jasmine-furniture-20.jpg”&gt;<a href=”https://whatcomesaroundlondon.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/abs-jasmine-furniture-24.jpg”&gt;

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